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The 15 year journey in this industry has given me broad experience, and now allowed me to hone and refine my skills with in my freelancing space. A successful day for me is being able to support my clients to find their brand personality and vision with in the graphic image.

The versatility of this industry gives my working hours energy. The perfect logo then being adapted to suit which every platform applies, be it print - large or small, signage, souvenirs, or website. My constant question to myself is who is the brand and how do we want to start a conversation with our clients or stakeholders, THE WORLD!

Now, relatively new in the industry, social media allows me to harness my photographic skills. There is nothing more exciting than the perfect creative representation through the lens of a smart phone or camera.

Design and style is in my nature, I'm inquisitive in nature and an excellent listener. These skills are the corner stone of the relationship I need to support in my clients and help me to develop original designs and push the envelop. New challenges excite me, I welcome them with enthusiasm.

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